Suffer from Health Food Store Overwhelm? Check this out.

Are you completely overwhelmed when you walk into a health food store? Don’t panic, this is totally normal.

When I first started eating a plant based diet I was completely confused and frustrated when it came time to shop. I remember stepping into a Whole Foods for the first time and feeling like I didn’t belong. I was actually nervous and had no idea what I was supposed to buy. Everyone else there seemed to know what they were doing, but not me.

Back when I ate a S.A.D. (standard American diet) of processed foods, frozen foods, canned foods, bagged foods and dead meat, shopping seemed so much easier.

Now that I’ve got plant based grocery shopping down to a science, I want to help others feel more comfortable shopping for vegan foods. Unfortunately,you can’t assume that all products in a health food store are healthy. In fact, I see a lot of overweight vegetarians and vegans. Instead of eating whole foods from nature, they are eating processed vegan foods. Not good.

It’s a great idea to really become an expert shopper because when you are on a plant based diet, you will be at the grocery store often.

During a typical week, I am at the store at least 2 times. When you eat a diet of fresh foods, you have to shop often. Unlike processed foods filled with chemicals and preservatives, whole foods go bad quickly and need to be constantly replenished.

I created a new program to help you become a food detective and save time and money while shopping. This workshop will help you determine the most healthy foods for your body while avoiding becoming a junk food vegan.

Sign up now for my new vegan grocery shopping tour and food detective workshop.
Sign up now for my new vegan grocery shopping tour and food detective workshop.

The workshop is 2 hours. We will meet at a local Whole Foods and make our way through all the departments of the store. Together we will read labels and determine if a product is safe or not.

As we make our way through the store, I will point out vegan products that I use and offer recommendations. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

The investment is $400 for 2 hours and includes the following:

What this service includes:

  • We will meet at Whole Foods, Seattle (South Lake Union or Interbay). or Central Co-op (Capitol Hill).
  • Explanation of GMO, Organic, Gluten free, and more.
  • Learn to read labels and be a food detective.
  • We will tour each department of the store and I will provide you with product recommendations.
  • Lots of handouts.
  • Q&A, you can ask me any of your health and wellness questions.
  • Opportunity to sign up for my 6 month health coaching program and/or kitchen detox service for a discounted price.

Who this service is for:

  • Anyone intimidated by shopping in a health food store (I know I was when I first started eating healthy).
  • Anyone confused about ingredients and labels.
  • Anyone wanting to know more about what they are eating and how to avoid toxic chemicals.

Benefits of this service:

  • Eliminate grocery store overwhelm.
  • Learn how to quick read a label and decide if a product is safe or not.
  • Save time by learning to quickly read labels.
  • Save money by learning about the clean 15 and dirty dozen.
  • Discover new plant based products and how to add them to your diet.
  • Avoid becoming a junk-food vegan by learning to read labels.

If you live in the Seattle area and are interested in this service, email me at brooksdawnhall@gmail.con to set up a tour. Spaces are very limited. If you know someone that suffers from health food store overwhelm, share this post with them.

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